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Fisher Ranch Longhorns

Welcome to the Fisher Ranch registered Texas Longhorn cattle website!

Our goals at the Fisher Ranch are to breed and enjoy the most historically significant cattle in the world.......the Texas Longhorn.

Present-day longhorn cattle are a testament to the breeds ability to endure. Their “wild cattle” ancestors numbered in the hundreds of thousands across South Texas in the mid-1800’s. Their range consisted of brush and native grass  

yet these animals continued to flourish and multiply. After the Civil War, folks in the mid-west and eastern United States were developing a taste for beef and the longhorn met their needs. The breed was literally driven to extirpation by the turn of the century.

A few forward-thinking individuals began collecting and breeding the remaining cattle and by the 1930’s the longhorn was once again moving towards a guarded but increasing population.

Today, the Texas Longhorn cattle population is very healthy and continues to increase. Breeders may be found across the country. Barbed-wire fence has replaced open range and the Texas Longhorn is “alive and well” in South Texas and across the United States.

The Fisher Ranch breeds registered Texas Longhorns because we love the animal, the history, and the lore that these cattle have enjoyed over the generations.

Please look over our website. You will find a separate page for each of our cattle. Each page gives a narrative description of the animal, provides you with a pedigree, a photo of the sire & dam, and a price if the animal is for sale.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should be interested in any of our animals that are for sale!